How Can I Tell If My Home’s Shingle Roof Has Been Damaged By A Hail Or Wind Storm In Ohio?

Most homeowners are concerned that wind storms or hail will cause damage to their house. The roof could be pelted by hail or heavy winds throughout the year, and the homeowner should use these tips to ensure that the roof has not been damaged. If the homeowner needs repair, they should reach out to a professional roofer in Ohio for help.



Do Not Climb On The Roof

Homeowners often want to inspect their roof thinking that they can climb on the roof just once to check. Because homeowners do not have the expertise or training necessary to repair the roof, they should not physically climb on the roof. Some homeowners may feel comfortable climbing a ladder to simply survey the roof, but they should have a spotter on the ground, not step on the top rung of the ladder, and not walk on the roof.

Check From The Road

When homeowners need to inspect their roofs for damage, they should walk to the road for a better view. The road allows homeowners to see the whole roof at the same time, and they can even take pictures of the roof from this position. When the homeowner has walked to the street, they should go in their backyard, walk as far from the house as possible, and inspect the house from this spot.

Circle The Property

Homeowners can easily circle their property to see if there is any debris on the ground. If the homeowner finds shingles or other debris, they will know that something has happened to the roof. They might also find pieces of the gutter or nails that once held the gutters in place.

Go Into The Attic

Homeowners can easily go into the attic to see if there are any leaks. Most leaks will be difficult to see, and the homeowner should take a flashlight with them to check any areas that appear to be damaged. Water might have soaked part of the roof without dripping, or there may be water spots on the insulation that occupies much of the attic. Homeowners can easily deduce if there is a problem or not.

Contact A Professional Roofer

Homeowners should contact a professional roofer when they realize that they have a problem. They can invite the roofer to their home for an inspection, and the roofer will climb on the roof, take pictures, and take note of any problems that they find. The roofer can schedule the repairs, or they might recommend a replacement. Homeowners can decide what they should do at that point. Sometimes, the cost of replacing a roof is too great, or the homeowner needs to file an insurance claim. They can work with the roofer once they have decided what to do.

Check The Roof For Damage As Soon As Possible

Wind storms and hail in Ohio can cause major damage to the roof at any time. Homeowners need to know how to check the roof for damage, when to call a roofer, and how to proceed so that the house is not damaged further.