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It is good to have many roofing material options such as metal and shingle, but it can be challenging to weigh the benefits and downsides of each of them.

Shingle roof is the most popular roof in Ohio. Although metal is also a viable option to consider for any roofing project, shingle roofing remains to be the best due to its relatively low prices and its ability to match with many house styles.

Below are some of the benefits of a shingle roof over a metal roof:

Shingles are a cheaper option as compared to metal. This is a great advantage to a lot of homeowners in Ohio who do not want to surpass their roofing budget. The cost for shingles can be as low as less than half the price of a metal roof, depending on the charges from your roofing contractor. Shingles are available at local distributors and retailers.

Easy to Install and Repair
Installing and replacing shingles consumes less time, labor, and skills. They come ready to be fixed on the roof surface. On the other hand, metals are labor-intensive as they involve a long process from screwing the metal panels to the deck, to connecting the panels and then installing.

The installers can comfortably walk on it while for metal roofing, too much foot pressure could lead to a dent or buckle. Shingles are lightweight and do not put any pressure on the roofing infrastructure. The metal roof is heavier and might require additional support during installation.

Less Costly Repairs
In case of any damage, repairing shingles is cheaper. It requires fewer materials. Repairing metal roofing is more complicated as the panels are all joined together, thus challenging to fix one by one. While metal requires periodic maintenance to retain its appearance, shingles are easy to clean and repair.

Availability of Skilled Roofers
Although there are many roofing contractors in the market, finding an expert is not an easy task. Since shingles are simple and easy to install, more contractors can install shingles than metal roofing. Therefore, it is easier for homeowners to get professionals to install and repair shingle roofs at any time.

More Warranty Coverage
Shingle roofing consumers enjoy warranty from both manufacturer and the contractor. Some of the issues covered by shingle warrants include:
• Material defect
• Contractor error
• Manufacturer error
• Material defect
• Algae growth
• Maximum wind-resistance limit based on the type of shingle

Multiple Colors to Choose From
Shingles come in various colors and textures. It comes in different designs that match the décor and architecture of every home. Specific shingles design like asphalt can mimic the aspect of slate, tile, or wood to give the house a stylish appearance.

Hopefully, the above benefits have shed some light on those who are still undecided of which roof material to choose for their homes. With so many benefits, it is clear that shingles roofing is the best option for homeowners in Ohio. Whether it is a new installation, replacement, or repair, shingles roof will offer all the benefits consumers need.