Siding Contractor in Westerville and Columbus, Ohio

Siding contractors in Columbus ohioAs potential buyers pull up to a home, the first items they see are the landscape, front door and exterior walls. If the structure has peeling paint or damaged siding, buyers are hesitant about seeing the rest of the property. Add value to a home by replacing the siding. A home in Mount Vernon, Ohio that looks well-maintained attracts more buyers and increases the selling value.

Making The Home Brand New Again

Whether the new siding is budget-friendly vinyl or sturdy fiber cement, new siding adds value by creating a younger look to the property. Although the home may be 20 or 30 years old, new siding updates the appearance for a more modern look. Buyers are more inclined to walk through a home that appears brand new because there is presumably less maintenance problems to potentially battle, such as aging appliances.

No Painting Needed

Another selling point to new siding is reduced maintenance. Most siding comes in a chosen color specially treated to resist fading and discoloration over time. Although many siding products can be painted, it is not necessary unless a homeowner wants a completely different look to the home. Because siding doesn’t require periodic painting to keep it fresh, it adds value to the home. Any items that have reduced maintenance cost less over the life of the home.

Weathering Protection

If a home has basic paint or stucco across the exterior, it is prone to a lot of weathering, especially on the windy side of a property. Because of its strength against wind and other eroding factors, new siding adds value as a protective layer. The siding lasts for several decades, depending on the product, without much harm to its outside surface. The home remains neat and tidy from the outside even after a harsh winter.

Insulation Factor

Depending on the siding material, it can increase a home’s insulation value and lower energy costs. For example, a blustery winter causes the owner to turn up the heater to keep everyone warm. New siding forms a barrier to heat loss, keeping cold air out of the home. Heating and cooling a home are some of the highest costs associated with a property. By adding new siding, these costs drop significantly, adding extra value to the home throughout the year.

New siding gives a property a refreshed look as it ages. It also performs a function by reducing wear on the exterior walls and increasing insulation to the interior. Research siding that makes a home look more appealing for a fast real estate sale as well.